Pranksters in Love are at it again. This time, it is John’s turn to scare Nikki out of her wits.  These two have made some of the best laughable prank videos on YouTube.

The video starts with John wearing his super scary clown costume. He tells the viewer how he plans to scare Nikki. As it is, he plans to do the prank while Nikki is in the bathtub. It brings you back to those bathroom/shower scenes in horror movies. It seems that these scenes make women more vulnerable. It is these scenes that remind the viewers of the prank.

John set-up some hidden cameras inside the bathroom to record from different angles. And then it was on.

John entered the bathroom wielding a knife. He let out a loud scream and went straight for Nikki. She was scared out of her wits.  It took her a while to figure out that it was John playing a prank on her.

She was so scared that she said her heart was pounding.  Viewers found it funny. Nikki was shaking to the max. She said she did not find it funny and that it was too much of a scare.

She should lock the bathroom door next time she takes a bath.