Everyone know who Heidi Klum is, and she has no problem making this point.

The supermodel appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday and flash her underwear on purpose! Standing at 1.76m taller, DeGeneres noticed that her dress was a little short  and asked if she test that dress before coming out on the show.

“It’s short,” she said. “I know, but I put your underwear under it, that you put in my dressing room. You guys wanna see it?”

What followed took everyone by surprise. Klum stood up, pulled that little black dress up and showed off the Ellen branded briefs the host left for her in the dressing room. “I was like, ‘this dress is a little too short.’ And, thankfully, in your goody bag, there were shorts.”

Watch the video below for the entire show.

Credit: EllenTube